M.F. Dulock Meat Club

Hello, and welcome to our Meat Club information page! Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions: 

Can I give a Meat Club membership as a gift?

As the Meat Club program requires a commitment, we believe that a new membership does not make a suitable gift. If your gift recipient is already enrolled in our Meat Club and you would like to treat him or her to a number of shares, we are happy to make those arrangements. (Please note that your payment towards your friend’s shares is not refundable should your friend choose to opt out of Meat Club within those prepaid months.)

As a great alternative, gift cards are available in any denomination for purchase at our shop year round. Your gift card recipient is welcome to enroll in our Meat Club program at any time and to put the gift credit towards his or her membership.

Can I opt out? How does that work?

Yes. If you ever want to opt out, simply collect your final pre-paid share. Meat Club deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable.

Can I skip two or more months at a time?

If you want to skip more than one month, your membership on your designated week will expire, and we will not charge you for the next month. When you want your membership to be reinstated, you may be designated a new week, depending on availability. We will have you redeposit $60 for your future share when you are at the shop.

I will be away next month, can I skip a share?

Yes, you can skip a month simply by giving us notice that you intend to do so. Your deposit will be kept in place for the following month’s share. Your scheduled collection days for the rest of the year will not be affected.

What if I forget to collect my share?

If you have not contacted the shop by 7pm on Wednesday of your collection week, your $60 share fee for that month is not refundable. We will help you remember to collect your share with a friendly email reminder each month. We hope that this helps you in fitting Meat Club into your busy schedule.

After forgetting a share, you will be able to continue as a member in the next month by redepositing $60 for the future share. Your designated week may change. We will let you know what weeks are available when you come to redeposit.

What if I cannot make it on my collection day this month?

Call or email us before 7pm, the Wednesday of your collection week to make other arrangements. We very much appreciate the heads-up and are happy to discuss a different time to collect for that week.

When can I collect my share?

Collection days for Meat Club shares are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11am to 7pm; you may collect your share unannounced anytime within those hours. Upon enrollment, we will designate you as a Week One, Two, Three or Four member, and you will receive a schedule of all the collection days for the year via email. You will receive a quick email reminder on the Sunday of your collection week prompting you to come in.

Shares are assembled upon your arrival at the shop. To save you time, call us when you are enroute (about 15-20 minutes ahead of arrival), and your share will be ready when you get to the shop.

Can I choose what I get in my share?

Unfortunately, we do not take special requests into account when selecting cuts for Meat Club shares. We assure our members that they will receive their desired cut in one of their shares. We hope to introduce new ingredients to our members’ cooking repertoires and to always encourage exploring in the kitchen. We welcome any feedback on your cooking adventures that we can pass onto other meat lovers.

How can I sign up for Meat Club?

You can enroll in the Meat Club program in the shop. You may speak with any member of our staff about signing up; all we need from you is your name (and the name of anyone else who may collect for you, such as a spouse or roommate), a phone number (for use only in case of emergency, such as an unexpected closure on your collection day), an email address (we hate junk mail too and promise not to abuse this information), a $25 administrative deposit (we will apply this deposit as a credit towards your seventh pick up) and $60 for your first share (which is generally not given out on the day of enrollment.

How much is it, and how does payment work?

Meat Club is $60 per share. You buy into the Meat Club Program by purchasing your future share in shop when collecting your current share. Each time you collect your share, you redeposit $60 for the next month’s share.

What Do I Get?

Meat Club members receive 5 lbs, usually 3 to 5 different ingredients, of carefully selected products of our craft. A typical share includes one large roasting or braising cut, steak or chops, sausage or other ground meat, and usually one uncommon item (for example: a pork jowl). We are happy to suggest a preparation for any item that we offer. Four times a year, in place of one pound of meat, members will receive 3 lbs of soup bones.

We take note of what each member receives to ensure a good variety of products with few or no repeats within a year.

What is “Meat Club”?

The M.F. Dulock Meat Club is a program offered to our customers to introduce, encourage and support nose-to-tail consumption of our precious food animals. Once a month for each member, we carefully choose a total of 5 lbs from the wide variety of cuts that we have butchered for the day.

We have designed this program as a way to distribute every bone, offal, steak and roast (just about every usable/consumable part) that our lamb, goat, beef and pork animals have to offer us. Club Members are privileged to receive more valuable cuts at a lesser cost while supporting the mission of our shop. While the cost per pound of meat in our case sells for $9-$30 per pound range, the Meat Club program reduces the cost to its member to $11 per pound.

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