M.F. Dulock Meat Club

Hel­lo, and wel­come to our Meat Club infor­ma­tion page! Here are answers to some of our most fre­quent­ly asked questions:

How much is it, and how does pay­ment work?

Meat Club is $60 per share. You buy into the Meat Club Pro­gram by pur­chas­ing your future share in shop when col­lect­ing your cur­rent share. Each time you col­lect your share, you rede­posit $60 for the next month’s share.

What Do I Get?

Meat Club mem­bers receive 5 lbs, usu­al­ly 3 to 5 dif­fer­ent ingre­di­ents, of care­ful­ly select­ed prod­ucts of our craft. A typ­i­cal share includes one large roast­ing or brais­ing cut, steak or chops, sausage or oth­er ground meat, and usu­al­ly one uncom­mon item (for exam­ple: a pork jowl). We are hap­py to sug­gest a prepa­ra­tion for any item that we offer. Four times a year, in place of one pound of meat, mem­bers will receive 3 lbs of soup bones.

We take note of what each mem­ber receives to ensure a good vari­ety of prod­ucts with few or no repeats with­in a year.

What is Meat Club”?

The M.F. Dulock Meat Club is a pro­gram offered to our cus­tomers to intro­duce, encour­age and sup­port nose-to-tail con­sump­tion of our pre­cious food ani­mals. Once a month for each mem­ber, we care­ful­ly choose a total of 5 lbs from the wide vari­ety of cuts that we have butchered for the day.

We have designed this pro­gram as a way to dis­trib­ute every bone, offal, steak and roast (just about every usable/​consumable part) that our lamb, beef and pork ani­mals have to offer us. Club Mem­bers are priv­i­leged to receive more valu­able cuts at a less­er cost while sup­port­ing the mis­sion of our shop. While the cost per pound of meat in our case sells for $9-$40 per pound range, the Meat Club pro­gram reduces the cost to its mem­ber to $12 per pound.

When can I col­lect my share?

Col­lec­tion days for Meat Club shares are Thurs­day and Fri­day 11am to 7pm, Sat­ur­day 10am to 3pm; you must sched­ule your share using our online sys­tem by vis­it­ing www​.toast​tab​.com/​m​f​d​ulock Upon enroll­ment, we will des­ig­nate you as a Week One, Two, Three or Four mem­ber, and you will receive a sched­ule of all the col­lec­tion days for the year via email. You will receive a quick email reminder on the Sun­day of your col­lec­tion week prompt­ing you to sched­ule your pickup.

Can I choose what I get in my share?

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we do not take spe­cial requests into account when select­ing cuts for Meat Club shares. We assure our mem­bers that they will receive their desired cut in one of their shares. We hope to intro­duce new ingre­di­ents to our mem­bers’ cook­ing reper­toires and to always encour­age explor­ing in the kitchen. We wel­come any feed­back on your cook­ing adven­tures that we can pass onto oth­er meat lovers.

How can I sign up for Meat Club?

You can enroll in the Meat Club pro­gram in the shop. You may speak with any mem­ber of our staff about sign­ing up; all we need from you is your name (and the name of any­one else who may col­lect for you, such as a spouse or room­mate), a phone num­ber (for use only in case of emer­gency, such as an unex­pect­ed clo­sure on your col­lec­tion day), an email address (we hate junk mail too and promise not to abuse this infor­ma­tion), a $25 admin­is­tra­tive deposit (we will apply this deposit as a cred­it towards your sev­enth pick up) and $60 for your first share (which is gen­er­al­ly not giv­en out on the day of enrollment.

I will be away next month, can I skip a share?

Yes, you can skip a month sim­ply by giv­ing us notice that you intend to do so. Your deposit will be kept in place for the fol­low­ing month’s share. Your sched­uled col­lec­tion days for the rest of the year will not be affected.

What if I for­get to col­lect my share?

If you have not con­tact­ed the shop by 3pm on Sat­ur­day of your col­lec­tion week, your $60 share fee for that month is not refund­able. We will help you remem­ber to col­lect your share with a friend­ly email reminder each month. We hope that this helps you in fit­ting Meat Club into your busy schedule.

After for­get­ting a share, you will be able to con­tin­ue as a mem­ber in the next month by rede­posit­ing $60 for the future share. Your des­ig­nat­ed week may change. We will let you know what weeks are avail­able when you come to redeposit.

What if I can­not make it on my col­lec­tion day this month?

Call or email us before 3pm, the Sat­ur­day of your col­lec­tion week to make oth­er arrange­ments. We very much appre­ci­ate the heads-up and are hap­py to dis­cuss a dif­fer­ent time to col­lect for that week.

Can I opt out? How does that work?

Yes. If you ever want to opt out, sim­ply col­lect your final pre-paid share. Meat Club deposits are non-refund­able, non-transferable.

Can I skip two or more months at a time?

If you want to skip more than one month, your mem­ber­ship on your des­ig­nat­ed week will expire, and we will not charge you for the next month. When you want your mem­ber­ship to be rein­stat­ed, you may be des­ig­nat­ed a new week, depend­ing on avail­abil­i­ty. We will have you rede­posit $60 for your future share when you are at the shop.

Can I give a Meat Club mem­ber­ship as a gift?

As the Meat Club pro­gram requires a com­mit­ment, we believe that a new mem­ber­ship does not make a suit­able gift. If your gift recip­i­ent is already enrolled in our Meat Club and you would like to treat them to a num­ber of shares, we are hap­py to make those arrange­ments. (Please note that your pay­ment towards your friend’s shares is not refund­able should your friend choose to opt-out of Meat Club with­in those pre­paid months.)

As a great alter­na­tive, gift cards are avail­able in any denom­i­na­tion for pur­chase at our shop year-round. Your gift card recip­i­ent is wel­come to enroll in our Meat Club pro­gram at any time and to put the gift cred­it towards his or her membership.

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